Veterans Affairs Community Care Network Providor

Outta Sight Massotherapy LLC is excited to announce Brianna has been approved by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) as a Community Care Provider for Massage Therapy. Chronic pain, sleep disorders, stress-related issues, and many other accepted diagnoses are now eligible for a Massage Therapy treatment plan under your VA benefits.

The Community Care Program also provides many other Alternative Therapy Benefits that can be inquired about through your PCP or local VA Office, such as Hypnotherapy, Biofeedback, Relaxation Techniques, Tai Chi, and Native American Healing. 

Visit VA PCP

The Veteran must visit their VA-approved Primary Care Physician to assess if Massage Therapy is Medically Necessary.

PCP Submits Request to VA

The Primary Care Physician submits a request to the VA Medical Center to establish medical necessity for Massage Therapy. Once the VA facility receives the request, they determine the appropriate level of care coordination based on the Veteran's needs, preferences, and location. 

VA Sends Authorization to Outta Sight Massotherapy and We Get You Scheduled!

Once the VA Community Care Center has approved the PCP request, an authorization for care will be sent to Outta Sight Massotherapy.  We will contact the Veteran to arrange the initial appointment and subsequent visits.